Short Stories


Ten people working on an isolated wartime outpost, an impending alien invasion…and murder.

The tiny outpost sits on the edge of hostile space, a lonely bastion of humanity precariously hidden on a tranquil alien moon.  Its purpose:  intercept the coded transmissions of Earth’s most implacable and terrifying enemy.

Nine people and one android have manned the outpost for many long months in utter isolation.  Relationships have been strained, old hatreds have been nurtured…and it seems everyone has a secret.  Light years from any semblance of civilization, it’s the perfect setting for murder.

But then the news comes:  the enemy is coming for them, and soon!   With no hope of being rescued, the only way off the planet is an emergency “spacepod.”  But there’s a problem…the spacepod is only big enough for one.

Who stays to face certain death and who escapes?  Someone isn’t going to wait for a decision.  They’re taking the matter into their own hands, and no member of the group is safe.  One by one, they are marked for murder.

The killer, it seems, intends to be on the spacepod when it leaves…one way or another.  But is there more going on here than meets the eye?

“One Little Spacepod” is a gripping “whodunit” in the tradition of Agatha Christie, with a sci-fi twist!



Who is murdering the residents of Chimney Rock?

Jacoby left Earth for Planet Sweetwater, the great trashcan of the universe, ten years ago. It was his only hope to raise a family with Eliza. Earth was suffering the oppressive effects of overpopulation and government control. It was an expensive, cramped, and polluted nightmare. The poorest citizens of Earth were “volunteered” to leave.

Living on the settlements of Planet Sweetwater is like going back in time five hundred years. There’s thousand-to-one odds of surviving. Now those odds are looking even worse as more and more residents are turning up dead.

K. B. Sage, Chimney Rock’s Prefect, suspects Jacoby is behind the first murder. But as more residents continue to pile up, the community starts to suspect the Fiddlers, the strange creatures sharing the land with them. Jacoby, however, has another theory about what is causing the deaths when his son, Owen, starts to hear peculiar sounds.

Life On Sweetwater is an exciting blend of murder mystery and exploration science fiction. Adam Perin delivers a tale that paints a bleak vision of the future that might not be far from reality. Life On Sweetwater contains a powerful lesson about preserving the planet. Even the harshest environment has a delicate ecosystem that humanity must be careful not to destroy.

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