Long March tells the story of two men on opposite sides of the First World War. Noel Hobson is a highly decorated American medic serving in the British Army. Ernst Wintersteiger is a renowned and feared sniper serving in the German Army.

Across a few months set against the bloody battle of Passchendaele in 1917, the two men will be inevitably drawn to each other for reasons neither can understand. Their individual journeys across Belgium’s killing fields bring them in contact with the most heroic and horrific elements of the “War to End All Wars.”
Hobson, a man dedicated to saving lives, comes to the horrible realization that everyone he touches will perish. Wintersteiger, a man whose identity is linked to his ability to mete death with unerring accuracy, finds that not only can he no longer bring himself to kill, but his very touch grants an impossible gift of life.

Each man’s curse is the other’s blessing, and their travels will bring them face-to-face with an array of characters that will challenge their beliefs and shake their convictions. Cedric Jeffrey, an erudite British Lieutenant desperately trying to escape his heritage; Generals Stuart-Bailey and Dorrien, one a resolute believer in British destiny, the other a man of dying faith; Lieutenant Stuhlmuller, a German officer striving to live up to the ideals of his country and Cordelia, a valiant nurse fighting almost futilely against the irresistible tide of war.

Long March is an epic drama set against the backdrop of World War I Belgium. This screenplay placed highly in the Creative Screenwriting Awards, Writers on the Storm, Hollywood Symposium, and the PAGE International Screenwriting awards.

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