Web of Titans


“Find her...they'll take him down…” The dying words of Ethan Parrish, Legislative Assistant, uttered amid bedlam as a gunman rampages through Capitol Hill.  Words that will thrust his best friend, Clay Cooper, from life as a mid-level congressional Staffer into a deadly game being played between some of the most powerful people in Washington.


Ethan, it seems, has been leading a secret life among a group of people determined to bring down those they deem unworthy of power in Washington…and now the group seems to have taken an interest in Clay.  


And yet more strange things are afoot in the District.  The President, a boisterous martinet, disappears while on a diplomatic trip to the far East, only to re-appear, near death, on the other side of the world...and somehow not the same man he used to be.  The Attorney General, a perennial establishment professional, is found dead of an apparent suicide in his office, and whispers of foul play stubbornly refuse to fade.


For Clay, perhaps the last honest man in Washington, life has become a far cry from the mendacity of the stagnant Ohio steel town he used to call home.  Determined to find Ethan's killer, Clay will become embroiled in conspiracies that will rattle the foundations of America’s “Rome of the Potomac.”


From covert rendezvous with secret societies to a living nightmare in the darkest jungles of Amazonian Colombia, Clay will have to penetrate the unseen web of titans that wrestle for supremacy in Washington in order to unravel the dark truth behind who killed Ethan, what really happened to the President, who truly has their hands on the levers of power in Washington…and how he can get a piece of it for himself!


Web of Titans is a political thriller bursting with inside perspectives on the arcane machinations of Congressional power, perfect for fans of politically drenched narratives such as House of Cards, State of Play or The West Wing.