Adam is an award winning writer of novels, short stories and screenplays.

He was born in Columbia, Missouri and grew up in the suburbs outside Cincinnati. He’s earned degrees from the Virginia Military Institute and the University of Cincinnati, and served as an Artillery Officer with the 1st Cavalry Division out of Fort Hood, Texas.

He later moved to Washington DC and has been working in the Department of State for almost two decades, including postings to Colombia and Afghanistan. He also worked in the US House of Representatives as a Legislative Assistant in the 115th Congress.

His various works run across multiple genres and have won awards including the Writers of the Future Award, The Isaac Asimov Award, the Creative Screenwriting Awards, Writers on the Storm, the Hollywood Symposium, the PAGE International Screenwriting Awards, the Filmmatic Screenplay Awards, and the Screencraft Cinematic Book and Drama competitions.

Adam lives in Northern Virginia.